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Why Coaching?

My journey
What started out as journey of self exploration transformed into a passion of helping people experience the same transformation that I had through my coaching journey. An integral part of the coaching journey involves getting to know yourself on a deeper level than before.

This assists you to form new perspectives and to understand the reason why you think and operate the way you do. Having personally gone through the journey of being coached and becoming aware of my deeper inner thoughts, it helped me see life, people, purpose and perspectives in a completely different way. I believe each human being has the ability to experience freedom and joy on a different level than they were used to.

With the world moving faster than ever before and pressure building on social systems, business processes and emotional wellbeing coming to an all time low, I believe now is the time to look after ourselves. Agreeing to the coaching journey is step 1 in becoming a better version of yourself.


Journeying with Susan has been unexpectedly beautiful. I’m a big supporter of coaching for transformation but never did I imagine I would find so much depth and understanding of myself in relation to nature, it’s beauty and my purpose. I enjoy having Susan as a thinking partner, someone that is able to connect the dots and celebrate me for the small but big shifts that bring me closer to my goals, dreams and a healthy mindset. I loved the couch sessions (be it in person or virtual) which laid important foundations. However, it’s the Photography experience of capturing “my beauty for the day” that has unlocked so much. It’s allowed me to slow down to go deep and far. I’ve learnt so much about me, my God and taking small steps towards a future version that’s intentionally present, filled with self-compassion, colours and unconventional beauty.

Priscilla, Coaching Client

Thank you so much, Susan, for giving so much of yourself. The subject matter resonates so much with me. Thank you for taking us on – you have given us a gift.

RMB Namibia Client

Susan guided me in my thought process and made me realize that my ideal world is not too far-fetched. I also realized that your past does not define you but can mould you into the person you want to be. Today, I made peace with my past and I am focused on where I want to be in the very near future. Thank you, Susan, your guidance gave me a new perspective.


I received individual life coaching sessions from Susan Nel. It was invaluable. Identifying my core wound has given me knowledge in understanding my reaction to situations. The Enneagram tool identified my behaviour patterns, which lead to a better understanding of myself and my relationships. Susan also gave me practical tools to deal with situations in my life that have caused anxiety. She has given me direction, support and motivation on my path to opening my own social work practice.

Susan was always professional and had an open demeanor in our sessions. She made me feel safe, heard, challenged and comfortable. I will recommend Susan for any type of coaching, her passion, knowledge and natural ability to connect with people makes her a perfect person to walk with you on your path to the future.

Anneke Kruger

It has been a real privilege to have worked with Susan during my time with Star Leadership. As a coach, Susan has shown a genuine commitment to holding space for me as her client, and with real curiosity, compassion and kindness. This has made it easy for me to communicate with Susan and share various aspects of my life with her as the coach. Susan’s sense of presence and friendly nature has also allowed our sessions to feel natural, free and safe. I commend Susan on her willingness to learn from each coaching session and listen with patience. Partnering with Susan has truly been supportive for me during a time of my life when I’ve needed it the most.

Roxanne Williams

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The connection sessions are about offering individuals a one-on-one coaching space that is safe, uncomplicated, and supportive.

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Clarity sessions are all about moving forward, empowering yourself to reach the relationship goals, career goals, or business strategies with confidence and wisdom.

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Custom-build creative workshops to inspire and motivate teams.

“When a photographer can’t change a scene, he changes his angle and lens to capture the best of that scene. Similarly, when you can’t change a situation in your life, change your perspective and mindset to get the best out of that situation.”


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